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Speaking at the AARST International Radon Symposium™

I will be speaking at the AARST International Radon Symposium™

Thursday, September 27th

Who is National Radon Defense?

It's a simple question: who are we? The short answer is that National Radon Defense is an international network of leading radon professionals who strive every day to pro...

Thursday, August 16th

The Filter Factor

While depressurization is the most common and most effective solution to reduce radon levels, there are other technologies that can be used to further reduce your risk of...

Thursday, August 2nd

Pets & Radon Exposure

Radon affects everyone in your home. This includes your fur babies. Learn how to it affects them and how to prevent exposure.

Wednesday, July 25th

Learning how to put together and present value bundles does wonders for a company, especially in the radon industry. If you're interested in building your business the Na...

Thursday, July 19th

One of the most common missteps people make when approaching a new client or customer is to give them exactly what they ask for. Sound counterintuitive? Let me explain-

Tuesday, July 3rd

January Is Radon Action Month

Take the time to educate yourself on radon and what can be done to keep your home and family safe.

Tuesday, January 2nd

Radon Services: A Profitable Winter Diversification Business

Add Radon Services and Keep your Company Profitable during the Winter Months.

Tuesday, November 28th

Radon Induced Lung Cancer Survivor, Kimberly Buchmeier

Kimberly Buchmeier was 37 years old when she was diagnosed with non-small cell adenocarcinoma lung cancer. She was a non-smoker and living a pretty normal and healthy li...

Wednesday, November 15th

Is Your Company Missing a Golden Opportunity?

Radon and indoor air quality are a concern for many homeowners across the United States, and many homeowners don't know who to call to help. National Radon Defense offers...

Thursday, October 19th

National Radon Defense President Curt Drew Helps Nebraska Pass Radon Law

Curt Drew testified in front of the legislature in favor of a bill to legislate radon-resistant construction in Nebraska.

Friday, June 23rd

40% of Minnesota Homes Have Dangerous Radon; Only 1% Have Tested

Every two out of five homes in MN have dangerously high radon levels, while only one percent of homeowners have tested for radon in the past five years.

Friday, January 27th

Protect Your Health During National Radon Action Month

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has designated January as National Radon Action Month. During this time, homeowners are encouraged to reduce their home's r...

Sunday, January 1st

How A Sick Home Can Be Making You Ill

Are you coughing, sneezing? Got a runny nose? It could be sick home syndrome. Find out how radon and indoor pollutants can be affecting the health of your home and your f...

Monday, December 5th

A New Ulm, MN, resident made a smart decision when he bought a radon mitigation system after finding high radon levels in his home.

Monday, October 24th

According to a study by the Environmental Protection Agency, more than 70,000 schools may have dangerously high levels of radon.

Monday, October 24th

Employees and inmates at the Garner Correctional Institute in Connecticut are filing suits after they were left susceptible to radon gas.

Tuesday, October 4th

Health professionals at the University of Kentucky teamed up with geologists to create a comprehensive radon risk potential map of 15 Kentucky counties.

Monday, October 3rd

A woman in Portland, OR, is on a mission to help people understand the dangers of radon exposure and its connection to lung cancer.

Monday, October 3rd

The American Cancer Society found a connection between radon gas exposure and a higher risk of blood cancer in women.

Tuesday, August 2nd

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