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Nation Radon Defense Articles

South Korea Establishes More Stringent Radon Laws

South Korea has enacted legislation to help research and manage the effects of radon gas.

Wednesday, January 20th

January is the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's designated National Radon Action Month - discover how radon testing and mitigation can benefit your home and prevent...

Monday, January 18th

Health officials in Kentucky are trying to educate the public on the risks of radon and the ways that smoking can compound those risks.

Tuesday, August 4th

Oregon has nearly unanimously voted to mandate radon testing in schools throughout the state.

Tuesday, August 4th

The American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists, or AARST, has called upon the federal government to take steps for improving the country's radon policies ...

Monday, August 3rd

Due to increasing concerns about radon levels in homes, La Plata County in Colorado is considering updating building code to require all homes to have a radon mitigation ...

Monday, August 3rd

Intermountain Medical Center in Utah is working to improve early detection of lung cancer and prevent deaths caused by radon and other carcinogens.

Monday, August 3rd

Most people are aware of the risks of radon in their homes, but how many consider the radon levels of schools. In Utah, an investigation was conducted by Channel 5 KSL-TV...

Wednesday, June 17th

Minnesota has introduced several new regulations to further enhance the radon resistant practices of the State Building Code.

Wednesday, June 17th

Radon testing discovered elevated radon levels in an exercise room at City Hall in Camas, Washington.

Wednesday, June 17th

Nebraska Senator Proposes Radon-Resistant New Construction Bill

Omaha Sen. Bob Krist proposed a bill that could help combat Nebraska's high radon levels. Curt Drew of National Radon Defense says Nebraska is at much higher risk than ot...

Friday, March 6th

Radon Mitigation Systems Temporary Clogging Due to Ice Jams

The issue of radon mitigation systems temporarily clogging due to ice forming on the vent pipe of the radon fan is very common in cold weather climates. The very nature ...

Monday, March 2nd

During National Radon Action Month in January, National Radon Defense is encouraging homeowners to educate themselves about the dangers of radon. Learn what steps to take...

Thursday, January 1st

Illinois School Reports Radon Levels 8-times Greater than EPA Guidelines

An Illinois elementary school tested positive for dangerously high levels of cancer-causing radon gas. Read more about the report and what's being done.

Monday, December 1st

North Carolina Develops Six-year Cancer Fighting Plan

North Carolina health officials developed a six-year cancer fighting plan that identifies prevalent cancers and recommends strategies to fight them.

Tuesday, November 25th

Kentucky Law Doing Little to Protect Residents From Radon

Kentucky hasn't been up to par with their laws protecting homeowners from radon. Residents are scared their family will develop lung cancer from this deadly gas. Many are...

Tuesday, November 25th

New Nano-Cages Can Capture Radon

Radon has been notoriously difficult to catch, along with other noble gases krypton and xenon. The gases have no smell, taste or color but are very dangerous.

Thursday, November 6th

Fracking has been controversial for many reasons, and now activists can add high radon levels to the list. Testing on fracking fluid in Pennsylvania found high levels of ...

Thursday, November 6th

The October 2014 National Radon Defense new dealer training class is full! We are very excited to welcome companies from several states including: Iowa, Pennsylvania, Mi...

Thursday, November 6th

October National Radon Defense Training Class

National Radon Defense hosted 5 great companies to our training facility in Omaha last week.

Thursday, November 6th

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