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A woman in Flagstaff, AZ is on a quest to educate others of the dangers of radon gas and explain the preventative measures available.

Friday, June 24th

Several hundred rooms in public schools in Portland were recently tested for radon, with disappointing results that have created a lot of local concern.

Wednesday, June 22nd

Test for Radon During National Healthy Homes Month

June has been designated as National Healthy Homes Month by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Homeowners are encouraged to have their homes tested fo...

Monday, June 20th

After an intensive study, the CDC has announced that an ongoing effort to raise radon awareness, testing, and mitigation in Iowa has yielded positive results.

Tuesday, May 24th

A recent study has linked radon to blood cancers in women.

Monday, May 23rd

Minnesota Radon Testing Doubles

New radon requirements in Minnesota have led to twice as many radon tests being performed this year.

Friday, May 20th

Radon gas is known to be a silent killer that has a greater effect on children than on adults. We now have a better understanding of the causes of this phenomenon.

Monday, May 2nd

EPA Grants New Mexico Money for Radon

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded more than $220,000 to the New Mexico Environment Department. The state will use the money to protect residents from expo...

Monday, April 25th

Schools in Fayette County, Kentucky are spending hundreds of thousands to reduce the risk of radon gas.

Monday, April 25th

An estimated 500 Colorado residents die every year from radon-related lung cancer. A proposed law would provide money for radon testing, some mitigation programs and adve...

Monday, February 22nd

A radon mitigation system is an approved medical necessity to prevent lung cancer if you have elevated radon levels. This approved medical expense is not commonly known, ...

Wednesday, February 17th

Radon-induced cancer, responsible for more than 21,000 deaths every year, has been shown to be more prevalent in women and children.

Monday, January 25th

South Korea Establishes More Stringent Radon Laws

South Korea has enacted legislation to help research and manage the effects of radon gas.

Wednesday, January 20th

January is the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's designated National Radon Action Month - discover how radon testing and mitigation can benefit your home and prevent...

Monday, January 18th

Health officials in Kentucky are trying to educate the public on the risks of radon and the ways that smoking can compound those risks.

Tuesday, August 4th

Oregon has nearly unanimously voted to mandate radon testing in schools throughout the state.

Tuesday, August 4th

The American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists, or AARST, has called upon the federal government to take steps for improving the country's radon policies ...

Monday, August 3rd

Due to increasing concerns about radon levels in homes, La Plata County in Colorado is considering updating building code to require all homes to have a radon mitigation ...

Monday, August 3rd

Intermountain Medical Center in Utah is working to improve early detection of lung cancer and prevent deaths caused by radon and other carcinogens.

Monday, August 3rd

Most people are aware of the risks of radon in their homes, but how many consider the radon levels of schools. In Utah, an investigation was conducted by Channel 5 KSL-TV...

Wednesday, June 17th

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